The Making of our Leather Boots

These funky, gorgeous boots are unlike any boot in the world, truly unique in style and each pair a work of art.

Handmade in the city of Cusco, Peru (former capital of the Incas) they are made from soft, suede leather and feature woven blanket inlays in the traditional style of the Quechuan natives. The blankets are sourced direct from the weavers, supporting the continuation of their time honoured, traditional craft. Many weavers, particularly in the more remote villages, still use natural dyes made from plants, flowers, insects and earth.

The designs of the blankets are often dreamed by the women of the high Andes and passed on from generation to generation. The motifs and patterns represent the elements, aspects of the natural world such as flowers, stars and animals and everyday life in the Andes. From dreams to designs.

We work with and support an extended family of incredibly talented, indigenous artisans in a fair-trade collaboration and we are honoured to share them and bring them to Australia and New Zealand.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, additional colours and sizes available to order.